A framework for leading design teams and building the design capability.

The Design Leadership Framework offers a concise overview of the most important aspects to look into when leading and managing a design team. 

It serves as a practical compass for design leaders in a digital era when design needs to be both a driver of innovation as well as efficient support for product development. 

The areas of design leadership (click to enlarge)

Framework Aspects

The table below shows the relevant aspects that design leadership needs to take care of. It is not prescribing any specific methodology as methods are subjects to trends, but the underlying tasks are staying very much the same.

Aspects of Design Leadership Framework
Detailed aspects of each area of design leadership (click to enlarge)

Purpose of the Framework

  • A holistic overview of design leadership responsibilities
  • A structured approach to analyzing and developing the design team and the design capability in general
  • A basis for strategic planning and decision-making
  • A clear way for communicating about the leadership tasks and design capability to other business functions
  • An educating and inspiring deep dive

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What I offer

The Design Leadership Framework can be applied in organizations and teams in various ways. I support the following activities with facilitation and expertise.


I offer engaging and interactive trainings and online classes for different areas of Design Leadership as well as UX Design, Customer Experience and Business Design. I have year long experience with teaching and facilitiation.

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In my individual coaching sessions, I help Design Leaders to develop a compelling strategy for themselves or for their team that focusses on the right initiatives. This will enable you to scale and improve your design team and professionalize the team’s work. 

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How is the team doing right now? Which areas of design leadership are already going well and which need more attention? How could processes, structures or culture be improved? I help you facilitate an inspiring workshop with your team.

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About me

Katharina Koberdamm, university lecturer and experience design expert from Berlin, has developed the Design Leadership Framework.

Since its introduction the framework has received praise from the design community. It won the award for „Best Talk“ at Intersection Conference and was published by the established German design magazine PAGE. 

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