Where are you standing right now in your design team? Which areas of design leadership are already going well and which need more attention? In this one-day workshop with your design leadership staff and members of the design team, you will find out what are your blind spots and areas for improvement. I will share and discuss best practices and approaches for your situation and we will work on first ideas together.

What to expect

  • All participants gain a better understanding about design leadership and the relevant areas and aspects that need to be considered when leading a design team.
  • All participants know the current state of the design leadership team including pain points as well as blind spots (areas not addressed yet)
  • The team has prioritized their challenges and worked on first solutions and ideas for future leadership initiatives.
  • The results of this workshop can be a very good basis to formulate your next team goals and OKRs
Pictures from team workshop
Design Team Workshop at Etventure GmbH (Ernst & Young)

Workshop Outline

  • Introduction to the Design Leadership Framework
  • Quick assessment of the current state of your design team
  • Define your team’s “lens” for design leadership – what is currently very relevant for your team, what is your biggest challenge?
  • Deep dive into the selected leadership areas (group work) to collect current pain points and blind spots as well as current initiatives
  • Discuss and prioritize top 3 challenges that need to be addressed
  • Ideate and sketch out possible solutions for the prioritized challenges (group work)
  • Wrap up and definition of next steps

Who should attend the workshop?

This workshop can be done in a leadership-only circle or also involve members of your core design team. The group should neither be too small or too big, ideally we would have 6 to 16 participants to work effectively.

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This workshop can take place on-site in your offices or as a virtual workshop using video conferencing (e.g. Zoom) and online-whiteboard software (e.g. Miro).

I have made excellent experiences with virtual workshops over the last months with no significant loss of productivity or team spirit compared to the on-site workshop. Participants usually like the whiteboard activities a lot.

Example for online whiteboard activity
Example for workshop activity with seven participants using Miro board

Get an offer for your team

Please contact me on LinkedIn for a price offer for the design team workshop. We can find a suitable format and pricing structure that will work best for your team.

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