Are you a design leader in an organization (no matter which level) and want to step up your game? In my individual coaching sessions we will take a closer look at your design team: We discuss current challenges, clarify your goals and I provide you with an outside-view and expertise to help you to develop the right measures for your team. Sessions are possible in English or German.


The Design Leadership Coaching is following a structured approach that walks through several steps. We will use the design leadership framework as a reference for assessment and discussion throughout the entire coaching.

0Phone CallPersonal introductions and coaching setup
1Coaching SessionIntroduction to framework and quick assessment
2Self-StudyDeep dive and self-assessment
3Coaching Session(s)Identify your biggest challenges
4Self-StudyDevelop ideas and solutions
5Coaching Session(s)Discuss ideas and get feedback
6Coaching Session(s)Follow up


  • Before the coaching offically begins there will be an approximately thirty minutes call for a personal introduction, clarification of goals and setting up the coaching timeline. It is only after this call that we decide whether we want to begin the coaching plan.
  • The coaching sessions will take place as videoconferencing calls (eg. Zoom or a different conferencing tool of your choice) 
  • We use Miro as the online collaboration space e.g. for virtual post-its, notes, ideas or action plans
  • Ideally the coaching program steps are completed over the course of roughly 4 weeks (follow up session afterwards).
remote coaching

The coaching program 

What you will receive in the program: 

  • 1 hour introduction to the latest version of Design Leadership Framework
  • 7 hours of intensive one-on-one personal coaching allocated over several adjustable coaching steps
  • Input presentations with best practices for your individual challenges
  • Self-study material about the Design Leadership Framework (70+ page PDF with description for each framework aspect and a list of best practice methods)

Please contact me on LinkedIn for a price offer for this coaching program. As coaching is always an individual process we will adjust program steps to your needs if necessary.

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